You may have noticed that professionals from consulting and advisory firms are both called “consultants.” Consultants who hail from consulting firms and advisory firms act as problem solvers who provide long-term and short-term advice and recommendations to their clients; however, there are subtle differences between them.

IT advisor

In this blog, we’ll explain what exactly IT advisory at RedBird Technology entails and the three benefits of hiring an IT advisor for your small business.


What Is IT Advisory?


An IT Advisor defines technical problems, tests new ideas or concepts, and helps deal with ongoing long-term challenges. They are also there to provide telltale signs of emerging issues, advise on several viable solutions and empower clients to solve their future problems. They are very talented at what they do, and their services can significantly benefit the office’s day-to-day technical workflow. 


Benefits Of Hiring An IT Advisor: 



  • Professional Analysis


IT advisors are professionals who are very well versed in all things technology. From data storage to network security to computer maintenance, IT advisors can analyze your business’s technical structure and optimize it for a faster and more reliable system. Also, IT advisors may have new ways of doing things and educate you and your staff on better and more efficient practices. 



  • It’s An Investment


In the unfortunate event of a data breach or computer hack, your business could end up losing important information or customers, which in turn means your business is losing money. If your company invests in an IT advisor before something happens, not only can they prevent the attack from happening in the first place, but they may be able to recover information after a loss. Primarily if your business depends a lot on technology, it is worthwhile to recruit an IT advisor for your team. 


Another way an IT advisor can be an investment for your company is because they are typically freelance workers. This means your company will not have to commit to paying a full year’s salary, which can help save your business money when it needs it the most. 



  • Gain Outside Perspective 


Sometimes there is nothing better than when a fresh set of eyes takes a look at your computer system. Not only will it help to identify problems that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, but it also allows for optimizations to be made. 


Also, IT advisors do not have a previous stake in your business and will have nothing to gain or lose from providing you with false information. With this said, IT advisors at RedBird technology always have your business’s best interests at heart.



We support our clients by helping them use information technology to achieve their business objectives. 


Our experts will help you make the best technological decisions, so your business progresses and ensures proper administration of existing technology and successful implementation of new technology.


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