You never know when disaster could strike and your device’s data is gone forever. Your harddrive may crash or your computer could be affected by a virus. Whatever life has in store, you have to be prepared with proper data backups to keep your online property safe. 

Common Backup Mistakes

Data backup is the practice of storing your company’s data on multiple devices, so if one device fails, you won’t suffer a complete loss. Data backup is also convenient, because you can have access to files on multiple devices. Data backup devices include external memory cards, USB flash drives, the Cloud, or off-site PCs. 


Ensuring your company’s data is properly backed up should be a priority as a business owner. A professional IT security company can help you with this process. Here are several common data backup mistakes to avoid.

Neglecting Backup

The most obvious mistake is not backing up at all. Many business owners do not understand the importance of having your files available on more than one device. In fact, only about 50% of business owners back up some of their data on a regular basis. You don’t have to take the step to store your data on a PC at a different location, although we do recommend that. If you aren’t keen on that idea, back up your data on the Cloud at the very least. Just do something to make sure your files can be accessed in more than one spot, in case of an emergency. 


Consistent Backups

If you’ve made the decision to implement data backup systems at your business, don’t forget to follow through with consistent schedules. Backing up your data once or twice per month is not going to cut it. There should be daily backup systems in place to ensure you aren’t losing any pertinent information day-to-day. 


Using Outdated Technology

Throw the floppy disk away, because you are asking for trouble. When it comes to backing up your data properly, you want to invest in advanced systems to keep your information safe. The Cloud is a great system to backup your data, but if you’re worried about internet loss, then a physical backup device may be the answer. Utilize hard drives or external devices to keep your data safe – but be aware, these items are more vulnerable to physical damage and theft. 


Assuming the Backups are “Just Happening”

You can’t take a chance with risking a proper backup for your data. Backups must be verified for full completion to ensure there are no issues. Hire a professional computer security firm to take the worry away for you. The right IT security company can regularly monitor your data backups and ensure the process is running smoothly.


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