The New Year offers the opportunity to start fresh with your computer system. Whether you have decided to create a new filing system or you’re installing a recent update or program, some precautions should be taken to protect your personal information.

computer maintenance

Here are a few computer maintenance tips for the New Year. 


Check Your Passwords & Activate Two-Factor Authentication


Passwords can allow access to all kinds of information on your computer, so it is imperative that you make them difficult to figure out. If you are using the same password for several different accounts, it is suggested that you change them. If hackers figure out the password for one file or device, they can access all of the rest. Be sure to create a password that is unique to keep your information safe. 


Also, consider turning on two-factor authentication. If this service is turned on, then another device under the same ownership will notify a person immediately if someone is trying to use their password on an unrecognized device. They will then need a unique code generated to access the desired information, making it impossible for hackers to continue without your other device on hand. 


Refresh Your Computer Backups


Backing up your computer can be tedious, and many do not think to back up their computers until it’s too late. Consider continually backing up your computer daily, and especially at the start of a new year. Backing up your computer not only keeps your essential files and information safe, but it will clear up data stored on your device.


Physically Clean Your Device


This may sound obvious during coronavirus times, but consistently cleaning your computer should be a task that is added to your to-do list for years to come. This will reduce the spread of germs and will also help avoid dust collection. Heavy dust collection can lead to the device overheating and lead to the keyboard keys becoming stuck over time. Every once in a while, consider grabbing a can of compressed air and blowing out the keyboard and other computer areas. 


Check Your Wifi Router Firmware


Ensuring that your wifi router is up to date is crucial in preventing hackers from entering your computer and your network. If your system is out of date, you run the risk of visiting the web on an unsecured connection.


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