As remote work is becoming more and more common, it is super important to have a well-organized workspace for your home office or company. Using personal computers to store data can take up loads of space and rarely do you have a guarantee that all of your information and work is safe.

Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is a new and innovative way to organize, protect and maximize your work. Cloud computing uses remote and on-demand resources through the internet to store, process, and manage data rather than taking up space on a local server or a personal computer. There are so many ways that cloud computing can be used; the possibilities are endless. 


So, what is cloud computing? 


Cloud computing utilizes on-demand IT resources through the internet to help you protect and store your data. Instead of buying a server to maximize the safety and productivity of your work, cloud computing uses pay-as-you-go pricing, which makes it much more affordable and convenient for the user. 


Many organizations of all sizes are turning to cloud computing as a way to expand productivity and save the trouble of enormous IT costs for a private server or other equipment. 


The uses of cloud computing include data backup, email, disaster recovery, software development, testing, data analytics, and much more. Many companies are using cloud computing to further enhance their workplace. 


Benefits of cloud computing


The cloud allows for individuals and organizations to have quick and easy access to many different technologies, enabling them to build and innovate quicker than ever. Resources are available on an as-needed basis for smooth use and delivery. 


In a matter of minutes, cloud computing allows you to move visions to ideas to implementation at a speed faster than ever before. Cloud computing gives you free rein over your ideas allowing for experimentation and testing new ideas for your organization. 


With cloud computing, there is no need to overcompensate for software use when business is at a peak. With the as-needed, pay-as-you-go resource, your organization only has to use the amount that is truly needed. Cloud computing allows you to gauge when you need to expand or shrink based on your data as business ebbs and flows. 


In addition, cloud computing allows you to expand ideas over the globe with a click of a button. Using cloud computing is cost-effective, innovative, and one of the best ways to protect your data and employees. 


Types of cloud computing


There are three main types of cloud computing: Infrastructure as service, Platform as service, and software as service. Each of these sectors of cloud computing accomplishes a different level of flexibility, control, and management. It is up to you to figure out what the best route is for you and your organization. 


Infrastructure as service (IaaS) is the basic level of service for the cloud. It provides access to computing resources, data storage, and networking. This software possesses the highest level of flexibility among the three subgroups of cloud computing and allows for management control over your resources. 


Platform as service (PaaS) is a service that removes the need for you or your organization to manage infrastructure, hardware, and operating systems so that you can focus more on the management and utilization of your IT applications. This group of cloud computing helps to be a more efficient way of managing your company so that you don’t have to worry about the heavy lifting of the application. 

Software as service (SaaS) is a complete service that provides full management by the provider. With this sector of cloud computing, you don’t have to lift a finger on the management of the service or infrastructure. Your job is to think about how the software will be utilized. 


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how cloud computing is a phenomenal way to expand and organize your workspace and company. It is a resource that truly could change the game of data management and company engagement as we know it. 


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