It’s hard to believe that 2022 is just around the corner! In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, it’s important for our team at RedBird Technology to monitor upcoming industry predictions. We’ve compiled a list of interesting trends to look for in the new year.

Cybersecurity Predictions

Cyber Insurance Will Be Harder to Obtain

As cyber criminals and their tactics become more sophisticated and advanced, it’s becoming harder than ever to find a cyber insurance plan. Insurers are becoming more aware of the risks that cybersecurity imposes, so they are requiring a deeper inquiry into how an organization is mitigating potential cyber attacks during the underwriting process. In the earlier days of the internet, risks and coverage were not as well understood as they are today, so obtaining cyber insurance is growing to be increasingly difficult. 


Phishing and Ransomware Attacks Will Increase

Cyber security threats from methods like ransomware are expected to increase in the coming years. Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated and organizations need to be on the lookout for their creative and unexpected methods. There are several interesting new methods that cyber criminals have been utilizing. One increasing incident is a phishing attack in the form of fake COVID-19 vaccination drives. There are also other forms of e-commerce fraud on the rise that are attacking credit card users by impersonating different online shops to steal user information. The best line of defense is for organizations to educate their employees on the potential dangers of phishing and ransomware attacks.


Cloud Security Will Become More Common

One of the best methods for combating cyberattacks is to always back up important data elsewhere. While off-site locations have been popular in the past, organizations are moving more towards backing up data on the Cloud. Always make sure that the Cloud backup method is safe and secure, as it can be vulnerable to future attacks if not protected properly.


More Stringent Security Measures

Identity theft is here to stay in 2022 and companies are trending towards taking less risks when it comes to confidential information. Identity theft and account takeovers are two of the most common cybersecurity attacks, so organizations are taking measures to ensure their important data is protected. One of the easiest ways to accomplish that is by requiring employees to use complicated passwords that are changed often. Multi-factor authentication methods have also become popular, which require users to perform multiple verification steps to prove they are an authorized user. 


Increase Demand for Cybersecurity Experts

As mentioned above, cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated in nature. Your organization needs the right cybersecurity firm on their side. Take the necessary steps to prevent one happening with your company. To learn more about how RedBird Technology can help your company, please contact us today. Visit our website, or give us a call at 844-845-4357. Also, keep up with our latest news by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. We look forward to connecting with you!