As the seasons change from summer to fall, now is the right time to reflect and ensure that you and your employees are taking the best possible care of your computer. Here at RedBird Technology, we want to share a few tips to help you and your company “fall” into better computer maintenance habits for the new season. Read more below!


Computer Maintenance Habits


Install New Operating System Updates

It’s so easy to hit the “Remind Me Later” button when your computer prompts that you need an update. To keep your computer performing at its best, you want to be sure to install the latest operating systems from the developers. Take some time before the holidays to update your computer’s operating system with the latest developer version. This can help your computer run more efficiently and even fix potential glitches.


Clear Your Cache 

Clearing your internet browser’s “cache” just means clearing the browser’s memory. It’s recommended that you clear your internet browser’s cache and cookies every few weeks or so, to keep your computer properly functioning. Take a moment to clear your cache now, then set a recurring reminder to repeat this process every few weeks. 


Purge Junk Files and Unused Programs

If there are programs or files you are no longer accessing on your computer, now is the time to sit down and purge them from your harddrive. You’d be surprised how much this simple exercise can free up space on your computer. Before your computer is prompting you to ask for more space, go ahead and get rid of old programs and files like emptying the recycle bin, uninstalling trialware, and deleting unwanted files. 


Update Your Passwords

Updating your passwords on a regular basis is very important for cybersecurity, so make it part of your computer maintenance routine! Most cybersecurity threats come from old or weak passwords, so take a moment to update passwords with stronger security measures. Some examples include using at least 10 characters, especially with special symbols and numbers.


Backup Your Data

There’s nothing more painful than losing data to unexpected computer crashes or malfunctions. Be proactive and protect your important data by regularly backing up your computer. This can be accomplished through an external harddrive or through the Cloud. However you choose to backup your data, just be sure you are making it happen on a regular basis, so you can avoid a potential data-loss disaster. 


Ensure Your Computers Are Protected

Proper computer maintenance and cybersecurity go hand-in-hand. Be sure to hire an outside IT firm to continually inspect your computers for malware or regular anti-virus scans. We recommend running a virus scan at least twice per week, at least.


Properly maintained computers are essential to keep your business running smoothly. To learn more about how RedBird Technology can help your company, please contact us today. Visit our website, or give us a call at 844-845-4357


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