Did you know that almost 90% of employees use their personal devices for work? This opens up major security risks for businesses who need to protect important company data. Luckily, there are steps you can take to keep your employees (and your company) safe from a potential cyber attack. We are sharing those steps below!


Employees Stay Safe


Educate Your Team

Taking the time to discuss potential security risks with your employees is the best first line of defense as a business owner. You’d be surprised how much misinformation is out there when it comes to cybersecurity. It doesn’t matter if you’re speaking to new-hires or upper management – you want to regularly educate and spread awareness of the frequency of cyberattacks. It’s important to harp on the importance of potential cybersecurity attacks during the new hire onboarding process especially. Make sure your employees are aware of phishing attacks, which usually come in the form of email requests or other communications asking users to incorrectly “log in” to their devices. They should also be aware of any fake URLs they may receive in an email communication. These can be spotted through small typos or unusually placed symbols.


Create a VPN for Your Employees

Never allow your employees to work while accessing a public WiFi network. Instead, ensure that every employee accesses a VPN instead. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, which acts as a secure tunnel to encrypt internet traffic. An IT firm can help you set up a VPN that all company employees can access when travelling or working from home, to better protect company information from potential cybersecurity threats.


Have Employees Regularly Update Their Passwords

Not only should your employees be updating their passwords on a regular basis, but they should also be selecting unique and strong passwords to protect against potential cybersecurity attacks. Make sure they do not save their passwords to their browsers, too. Also make sure they have different passwords for different accounts.


Implement Cybersecurity Protocols to Protect Your Data

When it comes to keeping your employees safe online, it really takes an outside source to ensure it’s done properly. Hiring an outside IT support company can ease the burden of relying solely on your employees to keep company data safe. The right IT support company can regularly monitor and run checks to make sure your devices are safe from potential cybersecurity threats and attacks. 


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