Even in our post-Pandemic world, many companies and organizations are still allowing their teams to work-from-home. This cost-effective initiative certainly saves on office overhead, but only if an organization is prioritizing well-monitored cybersecurity. A small business cyberattack can cripple your organization, resulting in thousands of dollars of damage and loss of sensitive data. If your organization plans to allow employees to continue to work from home, be sure you have the right measures in place to protect your business. 

Work-From-Home Employees

Have Antivirus Software Installed

Make sure that any employee who is conducting business at home has antivirus software installed and updated on their devices. This goes beyond just a company-issued device, too. Oftentimes, employees will complete work on their personal devices, like their home desktop computer or their cell phone. Be sure that your employees know how important it is to properly protect company data and to use the right designated devices to ensure security.


Don’t Allow Devices to Be Used by Others

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s worth it to remind your employees not to allow family members or small children use their work devices. This can open up your company devices to cyberattacks, should a child click on the wrong link. One way employees can prevent this from accidentally happening is by ensuring all devices are password protected. Have them change their passwords on a monthly basis, at the very least. 


Create a VPN

You may have heard us talk about VPNs in previous blog posts. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. A VPN’s private network can connect to a public internet connection and then encrypt your data. This process makes computer data look unreadable to outside users, which is especially important in public places where employees are susceptible to cyberattacks through public WiFi networks.


Protect Your Passwords and Screens

There are small measures your employees can take to protect both their devices and screens. Continually remind employees that they need to update their passwords regularly. Make sure they are  not using the same password across all platforms and that their password includes strong features, like numbers and special characters. You can also invest in webcam covers for your team. Hackers have been known to tap into a device’s webcam in search of sensitive information, which could be lying within view of a computer camera. Sliding webcam covers come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so consider investing in them for your team.


Backup Your Data

One final important consideration: always be sure your employees are consistently backing up their data to a secure off-site harddrive or the Cloud.


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