Increasing your awareness of cybersecurity is one of the best lines of defense against a possible attack. Cyber criminals have become very sophisticated over the years with new ways to infiltrate systems, which could result in spending thousands, or even millions, to save your business. RedBird Technology is sharing a few security tips and tricks to ensure that your network security has the best line of defense possible!

Security Tips and Tricks

You may be wondering what network security is, so let’s explain that first. In layman’s terms, network security is a set of rules designed to protect computer networks and data. This is accomplished through the use of software and hardware technologies. Every company needs network security to protect themselves from potential cyber attacks, no matter how large or small the organization may be. 


Here is what we recommend at RedBird Technology to increase your network security at your business:


  • Two Factor Authentication: This service can add a layer of security to a standard password method. Normally, you would enter a username and password to access something online. With two-factor authentication, you would also be prompted to add an additional authentication method, like a personal code, a fingerprint, or even another password. This added security measure makes it more difficult for cyber criminals to infiltrate your network, so consider incorporating this into your business systems.


  • Update Your Passwords: Speaking of passwords, it’s good practice to regularly update your computer and program passwords as often as possible. We recommend changing them every couple of months to better protect your devices. Be sure to not use the same password for all your devices. Also try to create unique passwords with at least 12 characters, including special characters and numbers.


  • Backup Your Data: Don’t forget to regularly backup your device’s data on a secure external harddrive or the Cloud. In the worst case scenario, if your business is experiencing a cyber attack, you want to know that your precious data is safe and secure on a different device. 


  • Beware of Phishing Scams: As cyber attacks become more sophisticated, so do the phishing scams that accompany them. A typical phishing scam involves a hacker sending a user a communication that tricks them into divulging important information, like a user’s login credentials. Phishing scams usually come in the form of an email with an odd looking link or attachment. Never click these, as these links could wreak havoc on your network by installing malware or a virus on your device. The best practice is to never open an email from someone you do not recognize and to just be suspicious of any links or attachments in an email, in general.


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