The titles “IT consultant” and “IT advisor” are often used interchangeably, but they mean very different things. However, both can be very beneficial for your company, and so inquiring about these services might be a good move for your business. 

IT Consulting & IT Advisory Firms


Before you decide which services might be right for you, let RedBird Technology fill you in on the important information you need to know. Here are the differences between IT consulting and IT advisory.



IT Advisory 


When your company chooses to work with an IT advisor, it should be expected that both long and short-term advice is offered. Here are a few examples of the responsibilities of an IT advisor:


Define technical problems.

  • An advisor must not only identify the issue but also define it. By doing the necessary research into the technical problem, the more likely it is to get fixed promptly.

Test ideas or concepts.

  • An IT advisor should work with the company to test new ideas and concepts to better its data infrastructure.

Help deal with ongoing long-term challenges.

  • An advisor should not fix one problem and then leave; instead, they should work with the company for an extended period. This allows everyone to get to know each other and fully invest themselves in improving the company from a technical perspective.

Empower clients to solve their problems.

  • An advisor should work with all employees to educate them on troubleshooting possible issues on their own. 

Advise on several viable solutions.

  • As briefly mentioned above, an IT advisor should identify a problem and work to fix it as well. They should also then share this knowledge with others to help improve the company long-term. 

Provide telltale signs of emerging problems

  • One of the best reasons to work with an iT advisor long-term is to identify problems before they happen. This can end up saving a lot of time and money in the long run. 


IT Consulting


If your company does not want to invest in a long-term IT professional, IT consulting might be a good option. Consulting still brings about many benefits but does not require a commitment. 


Solve problems.

  • An IT consultant is great for people who need to call in a technical professional to access and solve problems. 


  • An IT Consultant should work to simplify day-to-day technical tasks to improve the company overall. 

Clear-cut need of a solution.

  • When a technical issue needs to be handled ASAP, an IT consultant is the best person to call.

Eliminate Problems on hand. 

  • An IT consultant should eliminate every issue or work to fix it until it is eliminated. 


How RedBird Technology Can Help


At RedBird Technology, we offer both IT consulting and IT advisory services. We support our clients by helping them use information technology to achieve their business objectives. 


Our experts will help you make the best technological decisions so your business progresses and ensures proper administration of existing technology and successful implementation of new technology.


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