As technology continues to grow exponentially in popularity over the next few years, the information that it holds needs to be protected. As more and more people start to work from home, valuable company and client information will be easily accessible and needs to be kept secure.

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There are several ways to keep your data secure, and RedBird Technology is here to keep you informed of the latest tips and tricks. Here are the top five ways to keep your data secure.


  1. Backup Your Data


Backing up all of the information on your devices will come in handy in the unfortunate event that your information is stolen and deleted. Consider scheduling backups to ensure your data is consistently getting safely copied and stored either in Cloud storage or an external drive.


Setting up automatic, incremental backups is also a great idea. With this method, your device will automatically backup new information from your device, allowing you to save storage while ensuring that your backup is always accurate and up to date. Manually backing up your information to an external drive is also a great idea because it keeps your data secure from hackers who may gain access to your cloud storage. Whatever way you decide to backup your data, be sure that it is done regularly to avoid future damage.


  1. Test Your Backup Plan


It would be terrible to think that you’ve scheduled automatic backups, only to find out they haven’t been working when you need to recover your data. To make sure you’re never stuck in this situation, try testing your recovery plan.


Set an automatic backup that will store information to your Cloud Storage, and then check back the next day to make sure everything transferred correctly. This will ensure that the correct information is being transferred and will help keep your data secure.


  1. Implement Control Policies


Whether you have a small company with a few employees or a large corporation with several, it is always suggested that an internet control policy be put in place for all company computers. Using tools such as OS authentications, firewalls, identity access tools, and more will help keep hackers out of your network and help keep your data secure. The more safety precautions that are taken, the better.


  1. Check New Programs & Installations


Before downloading a new program and installing new software, perform a data backup to protect your information if the program is not secure. Also, be sure to do your research before installing just any software on your computer; the information within your device is essential and must always be kept safe and secure.


  1. Encrypt Your Data


If your company works with top-secret information or personal information that cannot be put at risk to be shared, then data encryption might be perfect for you. While it won’t completely keep your data safe, it will add another defense layer to help prevent a security breach from happening.


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