There is nothing worse than a slow computer – especially when it is the main piece of technology used for your business. In a previous article, we discussed a few tips to spring clean your computer, but why wait until the spring? 

Clean Up a Slow Performing Computer

These techniques can and should be used throughout the year to prevent a computer from slowing down and becoming unusable. 


Here are our top ways to clean up a slow-performing computer:


Delete Unnecessary Files & Programs 


One of the best ways to speed up your computer is by clearing up space on the device. Consider going through all of your files and programs and deleting everything that is no longer needed. Be sure also to empty the trash bin when you’re done to dispose of all files correctly. 


Perform Updates


Once you know which programs are needed for day-to-day business activities, then consider performing system updates. Outdated programs can cause performance issues and slow down the system as a whole. To avoid problems, consider turning on automatic updates for all programs so that your computer is always running optimally. 


Clean Computer Vents 


There is a vent (typically on the back of the computer or the bottom of a laptop) whose function is to keep the computer system cool by regulating the airflow. If the computer system restricts the airflow and frequently overheats, the computer’s health starts to deteriorate. This can then cause programs to crash and the overall hard drive to eventually overheat past the saving point. 


Run Troubleshooting Software


Several programs on the market will scan your computer system and troubleshoot errors and provide new techniques to optimize the overall process. Our services at RedBird Technology also do just that. 


We will assess your business’s computer system by running security and performance checks to ensure that everything is running correctly.


Your time is precious. You have more important issues to deal with than a slow computer.


However, a fast computer is a critical enabler to your business and needs attention to ensure it’s running predictably, optimally, and securely. Our support team is the ideal solution for an organization like yours, an organization that demands the utmost reliability and quality service.


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