Were you aware that cyber attackers are constantly modifying their tactics to infiltrate your systems and security? There is a solution that could change the game of cybersecurity and effectiveness. It is a tool that can help you or your organization keep things safe and smooth within your company. 

network traffic analysis

By definition, network traffic analysis (NTA) is the process of intercepting, recording, and analyzing network traffic communication patterns to protect security among the company. In other words, this tool allows us to monitor the happenings of our network and catch security threats before they become bigger problems. 


So, why does network traffic analysis matter? 


Many websites will sell you different ways to protect your company. How do you know which is legit and will help your company? Through further examination, this may be a tool that could save a company. 


Many companies utilized security measures like firewalls, and intrusion detection systems to monitor the traffic of the company. In contrast, network traffic analysis solutions are primarily focused on all communications no matter what service your company provides. Network traffic analysis solutions can even be effective when network traffic is encrypted. 


As cyber attackers work to avoid detection by companies, it can be extremely difficult to catch these people and identify security threats. NTA has worked hard in response to these cyber attackers, providing an easy and realistic outlet for organizations to use. 


NTA products make it simple and easy to see what is going on in your organization’s network and provide real-time information.  


Key features 


The many different features of network traffic analysis are what make it such a great tool. There is great visibility over the company and the traffic that ensues; it also gives the ability to monitor your network in real-time. 

With encrypted traffic data, it could be very hard to detect security threats or other threats from within the network. But, using NTA tools, security professionals can uncover the data with ease. 


Additionally, you can track the profiles on the network. This includes actual user profiles, devices, applications, and more. This information can be very helpful, rather than a static list of IP addresses. 


Using NTA solutions it is way easier to have a comprehensive understanding of the network traffic within your organization. This advanced tool is such a great help in identifying threats but also helping the community within the company.  


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