Whether your organization is large or small, the importance of cybersecurity should always be a top priority for your business. A healthy cybersecurity presence at your organization can ensure that your business is functioning properly and taking the necessary steps to prevent disaster, like stolen data which could cost you thousands, or even millions in damage. If you’re new to the world of cybersecurity and why it should always be a priority in business, take a moment to read through our summary of why cybersecurity matters. 

Cybersecurity Matters

What is Cybersecurity?

Generally speaking, cybersecurity is the practice of protecting an organization’s networks, systems and devices from potential digital attacks. Cyber criminals can try to gain access or destroy sensitive company data during an attack. They could also extort money from an organization by disrupting normal business practices until a company pays up. As time moves forward, cyber attacks have evolved and become more innovative. More people with access to more devices means there are more cybersecurity threats to businesses, large or small.


Why is Cybersecurity important?

It’s a common myth in the cybersecurity industry that business owners think, “Well that can’t happen to me.” The reasoning behind that way of thinking may be that business owners believe their company or organization is “too small” for a cyberattack and that cyber criminals target larger organizations. While it is true that large organizations are a continuous target for cyber attacks, small businesses can also be affected on a frequent scale. One study found that a cyber attack happens every 39 seconds on average and that cyber attacks affect one in three Americans each year. Wow! What’s even more astounding is that one study found the average cyber attack can cost a business more than $3.8 million to recover*. With figures this high and common, it’s no wonder that cybersecurity should be a top priority for every organization, large or small.


Why are Cyberattacks increasing?

Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated as time goes on. What’s worse is that cyber criminals are adapting to new cybersecurity methods at an alarming rate. One of the main reasons we are seeing cyberattacks increase is because companies are paying when their systems go under attack. One of the worst things your business can do is give in to the demands of an attack, because then cyber criminals are going to take notice, and usually they will come back for more. Another reason that cyber attacks are becoming more frequent is the sheer number of remote workers who are not working under best practice to keep their company’s data safe. Business owners need to continually invest in educating their employees to practice safe cyber security, especially if they are working remotely.


Who should I contact to help my business establish healthy cybersecurity?

The threat of a cyber attack is out there now more than ever. Cybersecurity matters. Take the necessary steps to prevent one happening with your company. To learn more about how RedBird Technology can help your company, please contact us today. Visit our website, or give us a call at 844-845-4357


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